Riot completes their IRC Records Isle of Wight circumnavigation

19 May, 2021

Congratulations to the crew of Riot from the Greig City Academy for finishing their IRC Round Isle of Wight record attempt.

Christopher Joel-Fredrick, Jaydon Owusu, Jessye Opoke-Ware, Kai Hockley and Tyler Harriott set off in their sailing keelboat on the morning of 19 May at approx. 0635 and finishing the same day at 1625.

The young crew all under 16 years of age and part of the Greig City Academy Sailing Programme which is funded by the Scaramouche Sailing Trust, were faced with all conditions from sunshine to hailstorms, squalls to being becalmed. They were followed but remained unassisted by Head of Sixth Form and founder of the sailing programme Jon Holt.

Once ratified they will be the first sailing crew to put a time IRC Records site, which was launched in April 2021.

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