GCA Girls set sail with the Rona Sailing Project.

4 April, 2024

With financial support of both the OCCCT and the RTYC Charitable trust, we were delighted to partner with the RSP for the first time, to provide an unforgettable experience in the Solent on ‘Donald Searle’ for a girl’s Easter voyage.

The crew spent four nights onboard in the Solent, participating in all aspects of running the boat above and below decks. There was sunshine, rain, wind and we were stormbound for a day, but everyone dug deep, worked hard together, and had lots of fun learning how to sail and live abord such a large yacht, in sometimes challenging conditions.

All the food was home cooked by the crew, with the cottage pie, roast dinner, pizza, and cheesecake winning 5 Star reviews. All crew singled out being on the helm as one of the best parts of the experience (which they were all really good at) as well as having fun, learning new skills, and making friends. All want to sail with the RSP again.

They all achieved their RYA Start yachting Certificate, and RSP Scott or Amory awards for giving of their best during the voyage.

Rona voyages are run exclusively by qualified and experienced volunteers. The crew were joined on board by Bríd from the Scaramouche Sailing Trust and six other RSP volunteers. The RSP volunteers were fantastic, made sure that the crew had a safe, fun and enriching experience. Thanks to everyone at the RSP, especially David, Clive, Charlie and Isaac with special thanks to Oisin and Harriet who flew from Ireland and Switzerland respectively to sail with the GCA crew.

Huge thanks to Helen from the OCCCT and Gwynne from the RTYC without whom, the voyage wouldn’t have been possible.

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