Scaramouche - red swoosh
riot greig city academy
22 December, 2020
Creating waves in 2020

Here we are, the end of 2020. Our mantra this year has been, ‘when we can, we will’ and as you can imagine our students did. This year has taught us a lot about the sustainability of our project and o...

Riot from the scaramouche sailing trust
28 September, 2020
Sailing into September

Simply getting out on the water was one element of our project we thought we had overcome when we purchased Scaramouche. Yet 2020, put a stop to that, for a few months at least and going sailing has b...

24 July, 2020
Hard work starts to pay off in JOG the Great Escape

It was weekend number two of back to back races for Riot and Eros of the Scaramouche Sailing Trust. This was a new week, a different race, tweaks had been carried out on the boats and the crews, same...

15 July, 2020
JOG Lonely Tower Race Report

With 24 hrs to go to the start of the JOG Lonely Tower Race the two entries from the Scaramouche Sailing Trust Eros and Riot, were at two completely different spectrums of being race ready. Riot was r...

Scaramouche complete Rolex Fastnet Race 2019
16 June, 2020
Time Over Distance Vol.12 with Royal Ocean Racing Club

For the 12th edition of the RORC Time Over Distance Series we will be revealing the awe-inspiring work of the Scaramouche Sailing Trust. The Greig City Academy in North London started the sailing proj...

Sailing providing opportunities - Scaramouche
9 June, 2020
New opportunities and diversity in the sailing world

The Scaramouche Sailing Trust was set up to enable students from inner city London to thrive through sailing. It is also bringing more diversity into the sailing world. The charity rarely talks about...

Scaramouche on Zoom
1 June, 2020
When We Can We Will.

At the Scaramouche Sailing Trust, we utilise sailing to build resilience, confidence, and a new level of aspiration in our crew. Covid-19 and the ongoing social distancing guidelines have created a fe...

8 April, 2020
My Life: Making Waves

You can watch the CBBC documentary called My Life: Making Waves which followed our youngest crew member Kai Hockley on our journey to the finish line of the Rolex Fastnet Race 2019. Our story on the r...

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