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  • 2024 is the GCA Sailing programme’s 10th anniversary year. Since 2014, we have taken over a thousand inner city students sailing, who would never have got on the water otherwise. As a result, our students have done better at school, learned life skills, raced at national level and secured new jobs. We’ve also brought new diversity into sailing.

In 2024 we aim to take 250 students sailing, if we can raise the funds: from beginners on the local reservoir to competitive national racing in dinghies, day boats and yachts. We also aim to help more students access careers in the marine industry, and to work with others to boost diversity in sailing. (Details below.)

All this builds on what we have learned about how to make sure sailing has tangible, long term benefits for students. But is only possible with your help. We still need to raise the funds we need for the year.

Our core programme costs £200,000 – amazing value at just £800/student.

A huge thank you to all our donors & supporters, who have made our first 10 years possible. We depend on your donations and are incredibly grateful to each and every one of you.

Now we need to raise funds for 2024 & beyond.

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Help us do more in 2024!

2024 Core sailing programme

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Help us do more in 2024!

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With your help we can do more. If we can raise an additional £100,000, beyond our core programme, we will:

  1. Double the size of our successful elite dinghy programme. This programme helps students develop the core experience to compete in club and national racing. It is the foundation for racing and further development on keel boats, including:
  2. Launch our Maritime Pathways programme. This intensive programme will ramp up our Mini-tonner racing squads. Up to 30 students will focus on developing technical skills on all aspects of yacht racing, from boat construction to rigging, tactics, ratings, navigation and marine qualifications. The goal is to race competitively and deliver the skills that are in demand by future employers.

We have volunteers and coaches lined up, we just need the funding to get moving. Please help us get going with this exciting development.

Value for money

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We squeeze the best value out of every penny we receive:

  • Students maintain (and restore!) our boats, wherever practical
  • Staff volunteer
  • Administrative overheads are an absolute minimum 

Your generous donations pay for everything from travel and accommodation at sailing events, to coaching, maintenance and fuel.

We believe that this year’s average cost of £800/student for the full year’s programme is exceptional value for money.

And if you’re a UK tax payer, we can reclaim an extra 25% of Gift Aid on every donation.

Talk to us

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Some people and organisations get much more involved by sponsoring whole racing squads, or making gifts of anything from £1,000 to £50,000. These major partners provide crucial security for planning and organising our operation.

Please contact us to discuss how you can get involved, including joint publicity, prominent branding & getting out on the water with our sailors.