What we do

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The Scaramouche Sailing Trust has two aims:

1. to raise funds for the Greig City Academy’s ground-breaking sailing programme.

2. to identify ways to support other schools and organisations to benefit from Greig City Academy’s experience, and bring the benefits of sailing to young people who would not otherwise be involved.

1. Raise funds for the Greig City Academy’s Sailing Programme

Our funds enable the Greig City Academy to transform lives of their students through sailing.

Since 2014, the GCA sailing programme has inspired over 300 students from an inner-city London school to transform their lives through sailing.

Students have been introduced to sailing and pursued it to different levels from dinghies to inshore and offshore racing. They have developed resilience, confidence and a new level of aspiration.  

The school’s progressive programme enables students to keep learning and stretching themselves. They benefit from national level coaches, as well as the responsibility to look after themselves, their boats and each other in very challenging circumstances. 

Greig City Academy was the first ever state school to compete in and finish the Fastnet race in 2017, and the youngest crew ever to complete the Round the Island Race. They won the RYA’s Special Award for Endeavour in 2017 and the Outstanding Award for Sport in Haringey. They repeated their Rolex Fastnet success in 2019, being the first state school to do back-to-back editions of the race. 

2. Supporting other schools

Greig City Academy has shown what is possible. Inner city students who would never otherwise have got on the water have taken the sailing world by storm. This has been driven by the dedication of the lead teacher and the support of the head teacher. It is an extraordinary example of what is possible. 

The Academy has learned a great deal along the way. We recognise that other state schools may not be able to replicate their full approach. But, there are still many ways that schools can get involved with sailing, and make amazing new opportunities available for their students.

The Scaramouche Sailing Trust will work with the Academy to share these lessons with other schools and with national sailing bodies, like the Royal Yachting Association. 

We aim to help other schools make the most of opportunities for their students from sailing, and to help the sailing world become more diverse and inclusive for people from all social backgrounds.

Current priorities

Scaramouche - red swoosh

The Scaramouche Sailing Trust is still at an early stage of development. We operate without any paid employees. We welcome offers from volunteers.

1. Raise funds for the Greig City Academy Sailing Programme.

2. Establish the Scaramouche Sailing Trust as an independent charity.

3. Explore ways of supporting other state schools and sailing bodies