We enable students, who would never otherwise get afloat, to reach the heights of sailing

Scaramouche - red swoosh

What we do…

  1. We change lives
    • 70% of Sail Students exceeded academic target grades (A level courses).
    • 100% of our flagship crew gained places in higher education. Pre-sailing, only 30% were considered university candidates.
    • “My school attendance, punctuality and behaviour improved; I maintained my grades so that I wouldn't miss any sailing trips” - S. P., now a budding entrepreneur.
    • M. F. won a scholarship with Alex Thomson at Hugo Boss and now works in the sailing industry full-time.
    • Students at risk of exclusion and taking the wrong path are no longer at risk.
  2. We drive diversity
    • People of colour are regularly seen on the water
    • Students promote sailing to other schools at Yacht Clubs, via You-tube, even TV!
    • A shining light and example of what’s possible to others
    • Taking 150 students per year on the water, approx 50 to elite levels
    • Bringing new talent to get into sailing & the maritime industry
    • Working with national bodies: the RYA, Sport England, UKSA
  3. We deliver sporting excellence
    • Greig City Academy is the 1st ever state school to complete the Fastnet – twice! (2017 & 19)
    • HRH Princess Anne awarded Greig City Academy the RYA Special Award for Endeavour (2017)
    • Young Sailor of the Year finalists (2019) & winner (2017)  Yachting Journalist
    • Round The Island youngest crew ever
    • National level in Etchells, Quarter tonners, ILCA
    • 5 Greig City Academy boats competed at Cowes Week (2021)
    • Dedicated Girls Programme

Our priorities

1. Raise the funds that Greig City Academy Sailing needs in the coming years and move them to a more sustainable position

2. Support other state schools to create and run high impact sailing programmes.

3. Be national advocates for inclusion & diversity in sailing and sport, working with national sailing bodies.

Scaramouche complete Rolex Fastnet Race 2019
Scaramouche - red swoosh